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Tobacco License

Applications for Tobacco Licenses require businesses to provide their exact location, proof of identity, and a fee of $10 to the County Clerk.  They need to be renewed prior to January 1.

Liquor License

One day licenses for non-profit organizations who are tax-exempt by the IRS, or a retail licensee who wishes to hold an event off his licensed premises.  The License fee is $40 made payable to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.  Each application must have local approval, and pay a $10 fee.  A non-profit organization must also include IRS information.  Retail Licensee and Non-Profit Organization forms are available from the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission Website.

Bingo License

A Bingo License is applied for and issued through the County Clerk’s office.  It expires September 30th of each year.  The cost is $10.

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